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December 17, 2022 (4:00 AM - 3:00 PM)

$160 Entry Includes Big Largemouth, Big Spotted Bass and AVG Weight
Pays 1 place for every 7 boats entered. All payouts will be rounded up to the nearest hundred regardless of participation. Drawings will be held for gift cards from Phins Apparel, among other items.
EXAMPLE PAYOUT (BASED ON 60 BOATS) 1st- $2,300 2nd- $1,100 3rd- $900 4th- $700 5th- $500 6th- $400 7th- $300 8th- $200
Big Largemouth - $400 Big Spotted Bass- $400 Avg. Weight- $200 Top Mixed Couple $160 Top Adult/Youth (16 and under) $160
Pre-register on or register the morning of the event inside the marina store!
ALL OGS TOURNAMENT INCINTIVES APPLY at 60 boats entered! (Nitro Rewards, Ranger Cup, Triton Gold, Skeeter Reel Money, Phoenix First Flight, TH Marine Atlas Rewards, Crusher Bucks)
Proceeds Benefit the Alexander City Lions Club!
$160.00 Entry covers all payout opportunities. With 60 boats or more all OGS Tournaments Incentives apply! All boat brands welcome!